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Kutools For Excel License Name And Code Crack

Licenseapps provides you Kutools For Excel Crack with License name and Code. Kutools for Excel is a handy Excel add-in with 300+ advanced functions to simplify various kinds of complicated tasks in Excel with few clicks. For example, Excel users can easily combine worksheets with multiple clicks, merge cells without data loss, paste only into visible cells, and so on. Undoubtedly, this powerful and easy-to-use add-in will save Excel users a lot of work time and greatly improve work efficiency.

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Areas and Cells Features With Kutools For Excel Crack

Scope: A collection of utilities allows you to quickly perform the following range and cell operations.

Mirror horizontal area: Flips all cells in the selection horizontally with one click. For example, if you have a series of dates like 1, 2, 3, you can quickly reverse their order horizontally to 3, 2, 1.

Invert vertical range: Flips all cells in the selection vertically with one click. For example, if you selected a column containing the numbers 1, 2, and 3, this utility will reverse the order to 3, 2, and 1 vertically.

Dimensions of the transposition table: With this handy table dimension transposition utility, you can easily convert a (two-dimensional) crosstab to a (one-dimensional) flat list and vice versa at once.

Working with MS Office you will need:

Transformation range: Quickly convert a vertical column into multi-column rows. For example, you could have a single column of data that contains your customer’s information, and each customer consists of 5 rows of information (eg, name, gender, phone, email, and address). With this tool, you can convert a single column of data into a table of data with five columns.

Exchange Ranks: Quickly swap ranges, columns, rows, and cells in your workbook. The areas for the exchange must be identical in the same size. For example, you cannot swap two columns with one column. You can quickly swap cells or ranges in the same worksheet, different worksheets, or different workbooks. The format of the cells is also swapped, and the swapping process does not affect the formulas in the two panes and they still refer to the original cells.

Sort/choose rank randomly: It can quickly sort cells in a random range, randomly sort cells based on each row or column, randomly sort entire rows or columns, and randomly select entire cells, rows, or columns.

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Insert visible: This feature allows you to paste of the copied data into visible cells only, ignoring all filtered and hidden cells.

Set scroll area: It’s a great way to set or limit the scrolling area in your workbook. If you move around your spreadsheet a lot, or if you have data that you don’t want readers to explore, this tool comes in handy to limit the visible area of your spreadsheet to the area with the actual data.

Show all ranks: You can quickly show all hidden ranges in the active worksheet.

Copy areas: Normally, Excel doesn’t allow you to copy multiple selected ranges, but this utility allows you to copy multiple selected ranges at once.

Compare cells: Quickly compare two columns of cells, find out and highlight the same cells between them or the differences. It supports case-sensitive comparison.

Avoid typing: Prevent duplicate data from being entered, prevent certain characters from being entered, and only allow certain characters to be entered in a range of cells.

  • Easily prevent specific or special characters from being typed into cells
  • Allow only certain characters to be entered in a range of cells

Avoid duplicates: You can prevent entering duplicate data in a single column with one click. This utility performs the same function as the Excel data validation function, but you only need to select a single column and then apply this utility, then you cannot write duplicate values in the same column.

Validate email: The Kutools For Excel Crackeado is used to set up data validation for selected areas, which only allows the entry of email addresses.

Validate the IP address: This feature quickly configures data validation to only accept input from IP addresses in the selected ranges.

Validate phone number: This feature quickly configures data validation to only accept phone numbers entered in the specified format. This function sets data validation for one or more selections at a time.

Clear data validation constraints: This function batch removes all data validation constraints from selection in Excel

The drop-down list:
A collection of tools in drop-down lists in Excel.

Dynamic dropdown list: This feature can help you quickly create multi-level dependent drop-down lists in Excel. Supports creating 2-level drop-down lists and 3-5 level drop-down lists.

Color drop-down list: This function can help you to color (add conditional formatting) the values or rows of the drop-down list as you like based on the corresponding selection.

Image drop-down list: With this feature, you can create multiple drop-down lists with their relative images in just a few clicks. When you select an item from the drop-down list, its relative image is displayed, and when you select a different one, the image changes dynamically.

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Multiple choice drop-down list: After enabling this feature, you can select multiple items from drop-down lists in the specified data validation area (drop-down list).

Drop-down list with checkboxes: This feature adds a checkbox in front of each drop-down list in the data validation area (drop-down list). If you enable this feature, you can check the boxes to select multiple items from drop-down lists.

Search drop-down list: This feature helps create a searchable drop-down list. As you enter the matching characters, only the matching items appear in the drop-down list

Create a simple drop-down list: This feature allows you to quickly add data validation (drop-down list) for selections in Excel in just 2 steps.

Update the dynamic dropdown list: This function helps to update the dynamic 2-5 level drop-down list created by Kutools for Excel’s Dependent Drop-Down List function when the original data changes.

Expand the Dynamic Range drop-down list: If you have applied Kutools for Excel’s dynamic drop-down list feature to create a level 2-5 dependent drop-down list in a specific range of cells, this feature helps to extend the range of the original dependent drop-down lists to a specific range of cells.

kutools for excel license code

Features in the Kutools For Excel License name and Code Show Group

Navigation area: Contains 5 panes: Workbook and Sheet Pane, AutoText Pane, Name Manager Pane, Column List Pane, and Advanced Find and Replace Pane. The Navigation Pane not only lists all the workbooks, worksheets, columns, and names in one built-in pane for you, but it also adds a fascinating feature to Excel that allows you to easily take a look at and switch between all of the workbooks, worksheets, and all of them them. And also? You can quickly select and go to a specific column and name in your workbooks. You can drag and drop the navigation pane anywhere in your workspace and show or hide it with one click.

Reading layout: Automatically select the entire row or column of the active cell. Rows or columns will inevitably be misread when we search for formulas or data in a worksheet with a large number of rows and columns. Reading the layout highlights the row and column of the current cell. This makes it easier to search for data or enter data.

Enhance toolbar icon: This function expands the formula bar and displays the cell contents of the active cell in a window. In the window, you can view long cell contents or formulas easily. And it also supports editing the cell value in the window.

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Snap (Save Current Workbook): Take snapshots of the current workbooks to restore workbooks easily. This utility can take a snapshot of the current workbook at any time with one click, and when you click the snapshot item, the workbook in the snapshot will be restored. Please note that this utility only keeps the snapshot available before closing the workbook. When the workbook is closed, all snapshots of the workbook are cleaned up.

Data from: Use this feature to easily view, edit or delete data entries in Excel. This function displays the data in the specified range (or entire sheet) row by row. In the Data Form dialog box, we can read, add, delete or edit the data in rows.

Show options: You can quickly toggle between the following settings: Gridlines, Horizontal Scrollbar, Vertical Scrollbar, Row and Column Headers, Page Breaks, Formula View, Sheet Tabs, Status Bar, Formula Bar, Full Screen View, Comments Visibility, and Object Visibility. Save yourself the time of not having to search for where to toggle the above settings. This is all done interactively, so you can see the preview before committing.

Show Hide: A collection of tools that lets you quickly show or hide workbooks, worksheets and ranges, Excel window settings, and so on.

Show classic menu in quick access toolbar:  This feature adds a small icon on the far left of the Quick Access Toolbar so you can easily view and use the classic menu in and later versions.

Columns: One click to toggle the visibility of hidden columns in the used area. With this utility, you can quickly toggle the visibility of hidden columns with one click. One-click shows all hidden columns in the used area, another click sets all hidden columns to invisible.

Worksheets: Quickly toggle the visibility of all hidden sheets in the current workbook. One-click makes all hidden sheets visible, another click toggles all hidden sheets on and off to make them invisible in the current workbook.

Workspace: This utility has embodied 3 types of workspace settings in your Excel as follows:

1. To minimize the ribbon and hide the status bar;
2. To minimize the ribbon, hide the status bar and formula bar;
3. To minimize the ribbon, hide the statuses

System Requirements

  • RAM: 1GB.
  • Hard Drive Space: 500 MB of free space.
  • Processor: 5 GHz Intel Core.
  • Windows: 7/8.1 / XP / 8/10 / Vista.

How to Crack Kutools For Excel?

  1. First, download Kutools For Excel from the link given below.
  2. Install the setup
  3. Paste the activation keys provided in the zip folder.
  4. All done.
  5. Enjoy it now.

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