MTK USB Driver Download + Latest Version for Windows (2024)

MTK USB Driver Free Download All New Version

MTK USB Driver

MTK USB Driver emerges as a compact, recently evolved USB host controllers application, a technological marvel that extends its helping hand to seamlessly identify contemporary MediaTek MTK-based smartphones within the embrace of Windows computers. This recognition serves as the gateway for a realm of functionalities encompassing flashing, unlocking, and rectification, all bestowed freely. Peruse the offerings below to obtain the MediaTek Drivers best suited for your PC.

As the USB Driver finds its abode within your system, your MTK-powered smartphone acquires the power of easy detection upon the Windows landscape. Navigating through this passage, we bestow upon you a meticulous guide, unraveling the layers of installation, accompanied by the provision of links to procure the latest incarnation of the MTK USB Driver auto installer. Compatibility stretches its arms across Windows versions 11, 10, 8, 7, and XP, be it the 32-bit iteration or its 64-bit counterpart.

Fundamentally, this driver erects a virtual bridge, an architectural marvel bridging the digital realm of your PC with the corporeal presence of your smartphone. This bridge serves as a conduit for an array of actions: flashing, updating, upgrading, and the gentle migration of personal files from any MTK-powered phone. Furthermore, its prowess extends to mending the rift caused by soft or hard bricking It rescuing devices ensnared in the quagmire of boot logo conundrums, or those grappling with the vexation of data transfer impediments.

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What is an MTK USB Driver & How Does it Work?

Behold the MediaTek USB VCOM, Preloader, a paragon of driver engineering, attuned to Windows 10 and the latest entrant, Windows 11. This symbiotic relationship with the Installer and manual methods showcases the driver’s versatile capabilities. In its entirety, it stands as a 100% functional entity, validated and attested, expelling any reservations regarding viruses or malicious entities.

Conceptualized primarily for MTK-powered phones, this MediaTek USB Driver dons the mantle of connectivity, orchestrating a dance of recognition between MTK-powered smartphones and the realm of Microsoft Windows. Should your aspirations tread the path of unlocking MediaTek MTK-powered smartphones such as Oppo, Realme, Vivo, or Xiaomi Redmi, via the corridors of VCOM/CDC/Preloader ports, then this MTK Driver stands as your beacon of progress. Envision a world where the pantheon of SP Flash or other MTK tools remains inaccessible in the absence of a bona fide USB Driver upon your Windows 10 or Windows 11 sanctuary.

Embodying an essence of unity, MTK USB All Driver serves as the conduit for meaningful dialogues, enabling fluid communication between MediaTek devices, be they smartphones or tablets, and the domain of Windows computers. This bridge paves the way for seamless interaction, transforming your MTK-powered companion into a harmonious member of the computer ecosystem. Herein lies the gift of downloadable Mediatek Driver’s latest official iteration, a gift bestowed without monetary strings.

Download MediaTek MTK USB Driver Latest All Version for Windows

  • Operating Size: 14MB
  • Nature: Compressed Zip Archive
  • Framework: 32 & 64 bit
  • Supported Environment: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • 32-Bit Driver: Download 
  • 64-Bit Driver: Download 
  • Manual Driver: Download 
  • This suite is exclusively intended for MTK-powered Android and feature phones.
  • Prepare your computer by integrating ADB drivers.
  • Essential Equipment: A dependable USB cable.
  • For Windows version 8 and subsequent editions, the ritual of quelling ‘Driver Signature Verification’ becomes essential.
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How to Install this too on Windows?

  • Begin the process by fetching the USB drivers tailored to your PC’s unique OS architecture, whether it’s the 32-bit realm or the expansive 64-bit domain.
  • Now, breathe life into the cocoon of the downloaded file.
  • Navigate deeper into this newfound world by stepping into the folder and invoking the magic encoded within the “setup.exe.” A double-click summons the dormant forces.
  • Embrace the journey with a click on the venerable “Next” button, an act that propels you into the heart of the installation process.
  • Amidst the digital ceremony, pause to acknowledge the licensing agreement’s stipulations.
  • With the stage set, beckon forth the next chapter by tapping on “Next,” forging onward through the digital labyrinth.
  • Harness the potential of transformation with a decisive click on the “Install” command, a gesture that sends ripples through the digital fabric.
  • Gaze upon the tapestry of time as you wait in anticipation, allowing mere seconds to orchestrate a symphony of Installation’s completion.
  • As the crescendo arrives, crowned with fulfillment, usher in closure with a final touch—the click of the “Finish” button.
  • And thus, the symphony concludes, leaving you in the embrace of accomplishment.

MTK USB Driver Download

Manually Installation on Windows

  1. Navigate the digital expanse by accessing the Control Panel and uncovering Device Manager on your Windows PC.
  2. Stir the waters of action, tapping into the potency of “Action” followed by the intriguing path to “Add legacy hardware.”
  3. Witness the birth of a new window, beckoning you to press “Next” and embrace the unfolding journey.
  4. Embrace the spirit of agency by opting for “Install the hardware that I have manually selected from a list (Advanced),” then ushering in the next phase with “Next.”
  5. Dive deeper into this digital realm, selecting the enigmatic allure of “Show All Devices,” paving the way for another step forward via “Next.”
  6. Explore the labyrinth of possibilities as you click “Browse,” allowing your chosen path to lead you toward the haven of downloaded driver files.
  7. Witness the culmination of this union by affirming your choice through the “OK” button, sealing the pact between your system and the selected drivers.
  8. Return to the crossroads of “Add Hardware,” rekindling momentum with a click on the “Next” button, a bridge towards what’s to come.
  9. Sustain the tempo as “Next” reclaims its spotlight, guiding you forward into a brief yet meaningful interval.
  10. And there you have it—a symphony conducted through clicks, culminating in a moment that’s all too brief, yet remarkably transformative.
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How to Update USB Driver?

  • Access the Control Panel and unfurl the realm of Device Manager on your Windows PC.
  • Within this digital landscape, if your gaze alights upon “SciU2S,” proceed with purpose.
  • Channel your cursor’s magic by right-clicking upon “MediaTek Com,” unveiling a menu of options.
  • From this selection, opt for “Search Automatically Updated Driver Software,” a doorway into the realms of automation.
  • Marvel as the windows weave their magic, conjuring the precise USB driver for your device through digital wizardry.
  • Embrace patience as you await the culmination of this process, marked by a triumphant finish.
  • And just like that, the symphony concludes—a journey conducted through clicks, culminating in the triumphant symphony of connectivity.

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